Our unlisted tubes

Here you find all of the tubes we got in stock. Only a small part is listed in our shop. If you are looking for a tube, search this page with CRTL+F or download this Excel spreadsheet.

Unlisted Tubes

Found your tube? Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you. 

Tube startingTube startingTube startingTube startingTube A - DTube ETube F-RTube S-Z
with number with number with number with number        
15 0A2 30AE3 6D4 A.W.3 E1148 F215 S130
18 0A3 30L17 6D6 A141 E130L F242 S2001
19 0D3 328 6D8G A2004 E180F F2a11 S406
19 0D3 340 6DC6 A215 E1813 F460 S407
24 0Z4A 34W4 6DQ6A A225 E1T G1/370k S625
27 1003A 3525GT 6DQ6B A2426 E280F G127 SC968
31 10E/105 3545 PW 6E5 A408 E415 g13 SC969C
32 10E/11449 35A5 6E6 A409 E424N G180/2M SR2
33 10E/173 35B5 6E8 A410 E428 G407 STC 280/80
34 10E/28B 35C5 6E8MG A411 E435 GA2 Ste/1000/2,5/15
35 10E/574 35L6 6EA7 A414 E441 GC10/4B STV 150/20
37 10E/9600 35L6G 6EA8 A414K E442 GF33 STV 280/40
39 10E26 35L6GT 6EU7 A415 E443 GL5516 STV 75/15 II
41 10V30C 35L6GT/G 6F33 A425 E443H GL6046 STV 85/10
42 117L7/M7GT 35W4 6F4 A435 E444 GRDIX STV50/20
43 117N7G 35W4 6F5 A435 E445 GRDVII SU2150A
45 117Z3 35Z4GT 6F6 A441 E446 GT1C T34
47 117Z6GT 35Z5GT 6F6G AB1 E447 GY1 TA4/1500 K01
48 11C5 36Z6G 6F6GT AB2 E449 GY501 TAC2
49 1203A 39/44 6F7 ABC1 E462 GZ32 TAL4
50 123AL5 3A3 6F8G ABC11 E463 H410D TAX4250
53 12A5 3B24W 6FS5 ABL1 E499 HBC91 TB04/10
55 12A6 3B24WA 6G5 AC2 E80CC HCH3 TB2.5/300
56 12A7 3B28 6G6C ACH1 E80CF HK90 TDD4
57 12A8GT 3B29 6G6G AF2 E80F HL133DD Te30
58 12AB5 3B7 6GH8A AF3 E80L HL13C TEBO3
75 12AD6 3C23 6GK6 AF3 E80T HL2 TEF5
76 12AE6 3C24 6H31 AF7 E810F HL32DD TGZ102
77 12AF6 3D21A 6H6 AF8 E81L HL610 TH2210C
78 12AH7GT 3D6 6H6GT/G AG495 E82CC HP4100 TH2241
79 12AJ6 3E29 6H8 AH1 E83F HR406 TJ601K01
80 12AL5 3GK5 6H8MG AK1 E83F HY615 TV03/10
82 12AQ5 3LF4 6H8MO AK2 E88C IP39 type 15
85 12AT6 3Q4 6J4 AL1 E88CC J803 type 19
224 12AT7 4/1000A 6J4WA AL4 E90CC J9002 type 32
227 12AU6 4152-02 6J5 AL5 E90F JAN CEA 5993 type 4
280 12AU7 416B 6J5GT AL5/375 E91AA JAN CTL 703A type 8
311 12AU7WA 42 6J6 AL60 E91H JAN6111WA TZ05/20
328 12AUA6 43 6J6WA AR21 E92CC JAN8613 U10
329 12AV6 4390 S32 6J7 ARDD5 EA/152M JG5670 U20
340 12AX7 4-65A 6J7G ARP12 EA50 KB2 U215
346 12AY7 47 6J7GT ARP3 EAA91 KBC1 U22
367 12AZ7 4C35A 6J8G ARP34 EAB1 KBC32 U30
428 12B4A 4CX250 6JC6 ARP35 EABC80 KC1 U415
451 12BA6 4CX250B 6JD6 ARP38 EAF41 KC4 U709
452 12BA7 4X150A 6K5GT ARP8 EAF42 KCF30 UABC80
485 12BD6 4X250B 6K6GT/G ARTH2 EAF801 KCH1 UAF40
506 12BE6 4X250B 6K7 AS4125 EAM86 KDD1 UAF41
612 12BF6 4XX 6K7G AS4126 EB088 KF2 UAF42
614 12BH7 5/446 6K7M8 AS495 EB1 KF3 UBC41
800 12BH7A 506K 6K7MG ATP4 EB34 KF35 UBC81
802 12BY7 50B5 6K8 ATS25 (N) EB4 KF4 UBF11
805 12BY7A 50B5 6K8G AX50 EB41 KH1 UBF80
807 12C8 50C5 6K8GT AZ1 EB91 KK2 UBF89
809 12D26 50L6GT 6KD6 AZ31 EBC11 KK32 UBL1
813 12E1 50V 1A 6L1 AZ4 EBC3 KL1 UBL21
815 12EA7GT 5-428 6L31 AZ41 EBC33 KL2 UBL41
832 12ET1 5-446 6L4 AZ50 EBC41 KL4 UCC85
837 12F8 5-462 6L6 B2046 EBC81 KL5 UCF80
879 12H6 5787WA 6L6G B217 EBC90 KL70504 UCH11
885 12HG7 5814A 6L6GA B403 EBC91 KS9-400 UCH21
923 12J5 594L 6L6WGB B405 EBF11 KT32 UCH4
929 12J5 5A/152M 6L7 B406 EBF11G KT33C UCH41
954 12J5GT 5B/254M 6M7 B424 EBF15 KT63 UCH42
955 12K8 5BEP7F 6M7GT B424K EBF2 KT72 UCH81
1002 12K8Y 5R4 6M7MG B442 EBF2 KTB1 UCL11
1003 12KY8 5R4G/GY 6N5 B443 EBF80 KTW61 UCL82
1007 12L8GT 5R4GY 6N6G BAL715 EBF83 KTZ41 UF21
1018 12Q7GT 5R4GYB 6N7 BAL745 EBF89 L 1002 Bi UF40
1291 12SA7 5R4GYS 6N7GT BK49BG EBL1 L4 UF41
1294 12SA7GT 5S1 6N7GT/G BV24T3 EBL21 L409 UF42
1299 12SA7GT/G 5T4 6Q7 C10 UBL21 LD1 UF6
1561 12SA7Y 5U4 6Q7G C16J EC21 LD410 UF80
1616 12SC7 5U4G 6Q7GT C3e EC50 LS50 UF85
1619 12SG7 5U4GB 6Q7MG C3g EC52 LV6 UF89
1624 12SG7Y 5V4 6R7GT C3J/A EC56 M9098 UF9
1625 12SH7 5V4G 6S4A C3m EC80 MC1/50 UJ574
1626 12SJ7 5V4GA 6S6G C509 EC8010 ME1400 UL2
1629 12SK7 5W4 6S7G C8 EC81 ML4 UL41
1632 12SK7GT 5Y3GB 6S7GT CA232 EC86 ML6 UL44
1637 12SQ7 5Y3GR 6SA7 CB1 EC88 MO465 UL84
1638 12SQ7GT 5Y3GT 6SA7GT CB1 EC90 MPT4 UM4
1805 12SR7 5Y3GT/C 6SB7 CBL1 EC900 MT5544 UM80
1823 12SX7GT 5Y3WGTA 6SB7Y CCH35 EC91 N14 UM84
1876 12V6GT 5Y4G 6SC7 CE-1V EC92 N16 UX120
1877 12V6GT 5Y5GT 6SF5 CE5 EC92 N78 UX199
1883 12Z3 5Z3 6SG7 CF1 EC93 NF2 UXCV11
1910 12Z5 5Z4 6SG7Y CF2 ECC2000 NU33 UY1
1928 13530E 5Z4G 6SH7 CF3 ECC32 OA2 UY11
1945 13D5 60FX5 6SJ7 CF50 ECC33 OA2WA UY1N
2004 14A5 6146A 6SJ7GT CF7 ECC40 OA4G UY21
2021 14B8 6146B 6SJ7Y CH3 ECC802S OB2 UY224A
2051 14C5 6397Sp 6SK7 CK1 ECC81 OB2WA UY227
3006 14C7 6A5G 6SK7G CK3 ECC82 OB3 UY41
3125 14H7 6A6 6SK7GT CK505AX ECC83 OC3 UY42
4297 14J7 6A7 6SK7GT/G CK522AX ECC84 OD3 UY82
4357 14N7 6A7G 6SL7 CL2 ECC85 OD3W UY85
4376 14Q7 6A8 6SL7GT CL24 ECC86 ORP90 UY89
4636 14R7 6A8G 6SL7GTY CL51 ECC88 OS1206 UY92
4641 14S7 6A8GT 6SN7G CRC 6N7GT ECC91 OS51 V1906
4652 150A1 6AB5 6SN7GT CU345 ECF202 OS70/1750 V21
4654 150B2 6AB6 6SN7GTB CV1052 ECF80 P2 V22
4671 150C1 6AB8 6SN7WGT CV1053 ECF801 P410 V495
4673 150C2 6AC7 6SQ7 CV1065 ECF802 P415 VA153C
4678 150CK1 6AC7W 6SQ7GT CV1075 ECF804 P430 VLS631
4682 150CK1 6AC7Y 6T4 CV118 ECF82 PABC80 VP23
4683 150CK1 6AF6G 6T7G CV1197 ECF83 PC86 VR105
4687 1815 6AF7 6T8A CV1199 ECH11 PC88 VR105MT
4692 1913 W50 6AF7G 6TP CV121 ECH200 PC900 VR135
5051 1945 6AG5 6U4GT CV124 ECH21 PC92 VR136
5085 19G6 6AG5WA 6U6GT CV133 ECH3 PC93 VR150
5516 19GT 6AG7 6U7G CV136 ECH4 PCC189 VR150-30
5517 1A3 6AG7Y 6U8 CV136 ECH41 PCC84 VR21
5591 1A6 6AH6 6U8A CV137 ECH42 PCC85 VR41
5638 1AE4 6AH6W 6V6 CV173 ECH8 PCC88 VR53
5642 1B24 6AJ4 6V6/G CV188 ECH81 PCC89 VR54
5651 1B3GT 6AJ5 6V6C CV201 ECH83 PCF200 VR55
5654 1B4 6AJ6 6V6G CV2109 ECH84 PCF201 VR56
5670 1B59/R1130B 6AK5 6V6G/G CV2116 ECH85 PCF80 VR57
5678 1C21 6AK5W 6V6G/GT CV2209 ECL11 PCF801 VR65
5686 1C5GT 6AK6 6V6GT CV2225 ECL80 PCF802 VR65A
5693 1C6 6AK6W 6V6GT/G CV2289 ECL805 PCF82 VR66
5725 1C8 6AL5 6V6GTY CV2349 ECL82 PCF86 VR75
5726 1D5GP 6AL5W 6V7 CV2380 ECL83 PCH200 VR90
5727 1D5GT 6AM6 6X4 CV2397 ECL84 PCL200 VR91
5749 1D6 6AN5 6X5 CV286 ECL85 PCL805 VR92
5750 1E5C 6AN8 6X5G CV31 ECL86 PCL81 VS110
5755 1E5GT 6AN8A 6X5GT CV329 ECLL800 PCL82 VS70
5763 1E7G 6AQ5 6X5GT/G CV329 EEP1 PCL84 VT1
5814 1F4 6AQ5A 6X8 CV358 EF11 PCL85 VT103
5879 1F5 6AQ5W 6X8 CV373 EF12 PCL86 VT112
5899 1F5 6AQ6 6X8 CV376 EF12 PD500 VT120
5932 1F5G 6AR5 6X8 CV4002 EF183 PD510 VT121
5964 1F6 6AS6 6X8 CV4014 EF184 PE06/40 VT127
5965 1F7G 6AS6W 6Y6G CV416 EF22 PE1/100 VT137
5993 1G5G 6AS7G 6Y6G CV428 EF37 PE1/80 VT139
6005 1G6GT 6AS7GA 6Y6G CV449 EF37A PF83 VT167
6021 1H4G 6AT6 6Y6G CV45 EF4 PF86 VT203
6060 1H5GT 6AU4 6Y6G CV465 EF40 PFL200 VT210
6064 1LB4 6AU4GT 6Y6G CV468 EF41 PL1607 VT211
6065 1LC5 6AU6 6Y6G CV469MA EF42 PL36 VT212
6073 1LC6 6AU6A 6Y6G CV491 EF5 PL500 VT232
6080 1LD5 6AU6W 6Y6GT CV501 EF50 PL504 VT4C
6095 1LE3 6AU6WA 6Z4 CV52 EF55 PL508 VT50
6111 1LH4 6AU8A 6Z7G CV54 EF6 PL509 VT501
6112 1LN5 6AV6 703A CV6 EF6 PL519 VT501/A
6136 1N5GT/G 6AW8 70L7GT CV66 EF8 PL522 VT52
6146 1Q5GT/G 6AW8A 715B CV73 EF80 PL5559 VT76
6186 1R4 6AX4GT 717A CV784 EF800 PL5632 VT86
6189 1R5 6AX5/GT 71A CV820 EF804 PL802 VT93
6197 1S5 6B5 723A/B CV858 EF804S PL805 VU111
6201 1S7 6B6 726A CV90 EF83 PL81 VU120
6293 1U5 6B7 726B CV918 EF85 PL82 VU134
6299 1V 6B8 75 CWL803 EF86 PL83 VX8156
6322 1V2 6B8G 75C1 CX332 EF89 PL84 W20
6360 1X2B 6BA6 7813 - 5700 0037 CX34 EF9 PL95 W20
6528 20CV 6BA8A 7937 CY1 EF91 PM24 W506
6550 21B6 6BC8 7A4 CY2 EF92 PM84 WL-866A
6661 24A 6BE6 7A5 D3a EF93 PP4101 X65
6663 24B875 6BF5 7A6 D418 EF94 PP415 X66
6669 25AC5G 6BF6 7A7 D802 EF95 PV4201 XFW40
6677 25B5 6BH6 7A8 DAC21 EF97 PV491 XH1,5
6678 25L6 6BJ6 7AG7 DAC25 EF98 PV495 XXD
6679 25L6G 6BJ7 7B6 DAC32 EFM1 PY500A XXL
6829 25L6GT 6BK4 7B8 DAF11 EFM11 PY82 Y427
7025 25L6GT/G 6BK7B 7C5 DAF40 EG1 - 1826 PY83 YL1000
7077 25LSGT 6BL8 7C7 DAF41 EH2 PY88 YL1210
7188 25Y5 6BM5 7E7 DAF91 EH90 QB3/300 Z70U
7193 25Z5 6BM6A 7F7 DAF96 EK2 QE04/10 ZA5305
7199 25Z5GT 6BN6 7F8 DC1/50 EK90 QE06/50 ZM1325
7247 25Z6 6BQ7 7F8W DC11 EL11 QQE02/5 ZZ1020
7360 25Z6GT 6BQ7A 7H4B DC25 EL130L QQE02/5  
7415 26A7GT 6BR7 7H-4B DC90 EL152 QQE03/12  
7543 26L6GT 6BS7 7H7 DCC90 EL156 QQE04/20  
7581 26Z6G 6BU6 7J7 DCG4/1000 EL183 QQE06/40  
7587 26Z6GT 6BU8 7N7 DCG4/5000 EL2 QQV06/40A  
7686 280/80 6BW4 7R7 DCG5/5000GB EL3 QQV03/10  
7743 28D7 6BW6 7S7 DDD25 EL3 (N) QS75/20  
7986 29C1 6BW7 7W7 DEP410 EL3010 QV05/25  
8000 2A5 6BX7GT 7W7 DF11 EL32 R0431  
8032 2A6 6BY4 7Y4 DF21 EL33 R0452  
8255 2A7 6BZ6 7Z4 DF25 EL34 R0481  
8416 2B22 6BZ7 80 DF33 EL36 R10  
9001 2B7 6C4 807 DF66 EL360 R115  
9002 2C26A 6C5 812A DF67 EL37 R120  
9003 2C34 6C56 813X 8.8.210 DF92 EL38 R14  
9004 2C39 6C5G 829B DF97 EL3N R200  
9171 2C39 A 6C6 832A DG2 EL41 R215  
18040 2C39 BA 6C6G 837 DG407 EL42 R220  
18042 2C39B 6C8 83A1 DG9/4 EL5 R44  
18064 2C4 6C8G 83V dGx EL500 R52  
18502 2C40 6CA7 8406 DH63 EL503 RAB1  
18503 2C43 6CB6 85A1 DH63M EL504 RD12Ta  
38250 2C44 6CB6A 85A2 DIL21 EL508 RE034  
998411 2D21 6CD6/G 866A DK21 EL509 RE054  
  2E24 6CD6G 90AV DK32 EL519 RE074  
  2G15 6CD6GA 90C1 DK40 EL6 RE074d  
  2K29 6CH6 90CV DK91 EL80 REN1004  
  2T/270k 6CL6 92AV DK95 EL803 REN1104  
  2X2 6CL8A 931A DK96 EL81 REN1821  
  2X2A 6CM6 9A2 DL11 EL82 REN1822  
    6CM7 9A8 DL21 EL821 REN2204  
    6CM8   DL41 EL821 REN704d  
    6CQ6   DL67 EL83 REN804  
    6CS6   DL92 EL85 RENS1820  
    6CW4   DL93 EL86 RENS351  
    6CY7   DL95 EL86 RES094  
    6CZ5   DL96 EL86F RES1664d  
        DLK35 EL90 RES347  
        DLL2 EL91 RES964  
        DLS10 EL91N RG12D60  
        DLS19 EL92 RG3-1250  
        DM160 EL95 RGN1054  
        DM70 ELL80 RGN1503  
        DM71 EM1 RK1  
        Dn9014 EM11 RK11  
        DN904 EM4 RK-28A  
        DR13M EM71 RK34  
        DY80 EM80 RK51  
        DY802 EM81 RL12/P50A  
        DY86 EM84 RL12P35  
        DY87 EM87 RL12P50  
        DY88 EMM803 RL2,4P2  
          EN70 RPY13  
          EN91 RS287  
          EQ80 RV2,4P700  
          EUVI (6)