GZ34 Philips - Mullard metal base

Full wave rectifier
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Manufacturer: Philips

Full wave rectifier equivalent to 5AR4

Fully tested at 60 and 120mA.
Good balance between the rectifier sections.
Double D getter, straight plate sides. Metal base.
No hole in center pin. Very early GZ34 rectifier.

Used tube, no original box. Logo is whiped off.

Two vertical scratches at the metal rim.

This tube has datecode rS0 65C, meaning that this tubes was made in 1965, which is clearly a misprint.
These tubes were made up till 1957. So this tube must be made in 1955 or 1956.

Datecode: rS0 65C (misprint made in 1956 or 1955)

Products specifications
Brand Philips
Brand Mullard
Getter description Double D getter
Logo description worn off
Various Metal base
Condition Used + tested